Johanna Schlitzkuss: Entmystifizierung

Johanna Schlitzkus: Entmystifizierung

When I see such a post in my FB-timeline it passes my filter and I investigate. Although, of course, knowing the workings of the academy one is skeptical at once – to say the least. Is this not just another fruitless lesson in how to exercise intellectual desktop skills? I mean the contemporary intellectual can make something out of everything (you know the pizza joke the Dalai Lama loves? Make me one with everything! That’s it), from a profound looking but unintelligible and senseless aphorism to thousands of pages amounting to less than nothing. So when one reads the blurbs about Richard Kearney’s Reimagining the Sacred one is less than convinced if this is something to spend time on. When will publishers learn that the blabla of the blurb is obnoxious for any serious reader? But at least one can take a buzzword and google. The cant in this case is Anatheism. Just another highbrow sales pitch? Not so!


Professor Dr. Werner Vogd, Universität Witten/Herdecke:

Buddhismus im Westen: eine praxistheoretisch informierte Rekonstruktion buddhistischer Schulungsinstitutionen im deutschsprachigen Raum. 


Werner Vogd ist Autor von Welten ohne Grund, Buddhismus, Sinn und Konstruktion