Dorje Tröllö – primordial wisdom chaos

M. Steingass —  8.10.17

Perhaps it helps to compare so called crazy wisdom to artists who constantly test the boundaries about what could be expressed and who go beyond what is regarded as normal regularly. It follows from Nagarjuna’s Mūlamadhyamakakārikā that there is no given ground for whatever exists and that whatever rules exists how to behave must therefore be a convention negotiated between those interacting. The artist as embodiment of crazy wisdom – yeshé ’cholwa or primordial wisdom chaos – knows this or at least intuits it. They remind people that we are living a conventional life but that the boundaries of it have to be known and tested to develop. Think of van Gogh, Kafka, Marina Abramović, the Sex Pistols, Schönberg… But also think about the dark side: Hitler, Stalin, Trump, Erdogan and last not least, for example, Sogyal Lakar and Diploma-Lama Ole Nydahl as the little brethren of the masters of the dark side of humanity  – they too know that rules are made to be bent. The difference is that the latter keep their followers in the dark.